Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome Back !!!! School Year 2013-2014

Welcome Back to Lee's Summit West Fall 2013-2014 School Year. 
Mr. Rice's classes for the fall: 
Foundations of Drawing,  Visual Art, and Graphic and Computer Art. 
I will post specific projects and deadlines on this blog, and my google calendar posted on my website. 
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Visual Arts

Students have recently completed both the Master's Study Project & done a two week unit on drawing the human figure.

The Master's Study was a study of a Renaissance Masterpiece and a deconstruction of composition as a way of informing students of how to analyze form and space. Students did a series of three drawings culminating in a final drawing that was an exact forgery of the original. Students learned how to see in terms of proportion, scale, angles and value contrasts.

Students have just completed a three day figure drawing. The focus was the use of visual measurement as a way of creating a gestural drawing of the human figure. From the gesture, students were asked to employ techniques learned throughout the semester in order to create a more realistic image.

Our last unit will deal primarily with portraiture and drawing the human face.

We will have a final the last week of the semester over all of the concepts we have discussed all year. Review guides will be provided.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Life Drawing - Briscoe 10/16

Students are currently working on drawing a still life made of styrofoam. Light is projected onto the forms in order to create a greater sense of value. Students are using visual measurement, gestural drawings and value techniques to create a complete drawing.

1. Student demonstrated knowledge of placement and proportion of objects. Student demonstrated overlapping and used visual measurement to create a sense of depth. 15pts

2. Student use high degree of detail & filled composition.   15 points

3. Student demonstrated knowledge of flat & graded value (craft/technique).15 pts

4. Effort – Student took time to develop idea & complete project. Good use of class time.15 points
5. Craftsmanship – Neat, Clean, Complete. 15 points

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mr. Briscoe's Visual Arts - 8/29

We have recently been talking about the relationships between the structural nature of line and the sense of depth and realism provided by the application of value.

Students are currently working on a drawing that focuses on the use of line to create simple forms. Forms are simply 3-D objects/people or the illusion of three dimensional objects/people created on a 2-D surface. Students are drawing forms with the appearance that they are moving back or receding in space. The forms; cylinders, cones, cubes and spheres, should change in size the "farther away" from the viewer. In other words, objects that are close are larger than objects farther away which are smaller.

Students are then asked to shade the forms according to a light source artbitrarily set in the foreground. Graded value and flat value are employed as the students cause they shade their line drawings. Outlines should recede into the shading leaving a more realistic image.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Briscoe Visual Arts - Review 8/24

Hello Class,
The last few days we have discussed line as a structural component to creating three dimensional imagery. We started with basic forms, practicing how to create quick drawings intended to inform greater detail. We discussed symmetry and proportion. We also began discussing visual measuring and how we can use our pencil (outstretched) to measure objects in order to create accurate proportions and angles on the surface of our page.

Before we on Friday we briefly discussed value. Value is the relationship between light and dark. We discussed both flat and graded value and how they are employed. Flat values are applied to flat surfaces where graded value is used for contours, areas where the surface of the object has curvature or shifts.

So far this semester I have seen a lot of talent. Keep it up!

-Mr. B